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Are you an injured NJ worker? A Compensation Lawyer can help!


Workplace Injuries

If you are a working person and get hurt on the job, it can be devastating.  How will you pay your jobs?  How can you be sure to get proper medical care?  Will you receive a fair monetary award for your permanent injury?  To ensure that you don’t get hurt a second time after your injury, you need a lawyer who understands worker’s compensation law.  The Law Offices of Robert F. Rupinski can help you.


  • Enforce your rights!
  • Get you prompt medical treatment.
  • Make sure your wages are paid while you are temporarily disabled.
  • Obtain an award for your permanent injury.
  • Obtain total disability if you are not able to go back to work at all.

If you’re looking for Worker’s Comp attorneys in the NJ area, you’ve come to the right place. We have over 30 years of experience in the field, and we can get you the treatment and wages you deserve. Our Workman’s Comp lawyers are waiting to help you. Contact the Law Offices of Robert F. Rupinksi for your FREE case evaluation today!





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